Dr Jess W Gibson, PhD Evolutionary Psychotherapist/Researcher

What is Strategic Therapy?

Have you ever tried to drive a car by only looking in the rearview mirror.  Let's say your life is the car.  Where the hell do you think you are going to get looking into the past?  Seriously.  If you want to lay on a couch and talk about all the crap in your life, I am not your guy.  If you want to move on in life and find love, purpose, and something magical to believe in then I'm that guy.


Strategic Therapy is about getting things done now, like in a month, not the average time for therapy, which is a balmy 26-months.  I don't want long term clients.  I want healing clients (I didn't say "healed," on one gets off that easy, it's a life long processes and anyone who says otherwise is selling snake oil.)


I fix belief systems.  If you look at everything that causes you pain or pleasure in your life, it has to do with what you believe.  Call me an Indiana Jones of psychology and psychotherapy.  I figure out the clues and follow the map, so we can discover what belief system you have that is screwing up life.  Then we kill that, install the one that you have been longing for your whole life, and BAM, life changes. 

Life is simple, it's the living that is truly complicated


I take people from A-B.  


There are three things in life that create happiness.  Something to Believe in, Something to Chase, and Something to Love.  If you can master all three, you will not only find your purpose, but also your tribe, and live passionately.  We all come into the world with A STORY.  It isn't OUR story, but it's the one we were handed through our development.  Most people assume this is the only story there is.  And if that story doesn't make you happy then you are just stuck.  


But that isn't the way it is at all.  We have millions of years of evolutionary history that has acted upon our DNA to make story so important for the survival of humankind.  If the story you are telling yourself isn't working, I give you permission to change it.


I work with people to help them understand where they are in their adventure, so they can chase dreams, drop the past,  and live.  And also, I don't want to work with you for more than 4-6 sessions.  I'll give you the tools so you can go get your life back.  Deal?

WHO ARE YOU? (no one of consequence)

I studied MesoAmerican Archaeology, Psychology, Education, Evolution and Neurolinguistic Programming.  I would say that I am an evolutionary psychologist who practices psychotherapy in the context of story, action, and panhuman experiences.  Basically, I help people find their tools to love, their passion to follow their purpose, and their inner belief system that drives them.  


I have a handful of relevant degrees and two decades of experience.  But that doesn't really matter.  What matters is results.  If you want to work with me, I will get you results, that's supposed to be the transaction between therapist and client.  


Too often in my own experience with therapy, I got NO results.  We aren't doing that here.  



Um...take action!  Don't let anything stop you from moving forward.  Book an evaluation session with me.  If you don't like me or I don't like you, we aren't working together.  But if we jive, maybe we can build something that makes a difference in both our lives.  

Either way, you made a decision to move.  That is the first step.  A wrong step is still a step.  Reach out and lets see what happens!