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"Dr. Jess is a gifted soul finder.  I have known him for over a decades, as a professional healer myself, I wholly recommend Dr. Jess as a game-changer when it comes to belief systems, finding your true nature, and healing.  He has a way of shifting the way you see the world in days and weeks, not months and years. I recommend him to anyone who thinks they are at wits end." - Lyn Pacificar, Albularya, Shaman


If you honestly want to solve the challenges in your life you are going to have to take control and work on yourself more than anything else.

The whole purpose of our lives is to discover what we are supposed to be doing.  Your pain is directing you.  Listen.  No one gets to live a fantasy life if and until they understand how to control their emotions.

If we are meant to thrive, then we HAVE to know the tools to get us there.  I guarantee that wherever you are in your life, you want more love and less fear.  There is a formula for that.  It is called Strategic Therapy and it is not like anything you have seen.

What is The Strategic Method?

Strategic Therapy is a collection of strategies and techniques that create rapid long-term change in the way we handle our own mental health issues.

It is a hybrid combination of evolutionary psychotherapy, strategic intervention, neurolinguistic programming, and good old-fashioned teaching.  Strategic Therapy is both therapy and professional coaching, and why there is a difference I am not sure.


Evolutionary Psychology is the study of how we represent reality according to how our mental architecture (mind) developed.  Since all normal functioning humans have a brain, we are all after the same basic needs, we just find different ways to meet those needs, thus we live different lives.

Strategic Therapy chooses to focus on how the problem is represented in the body and mind, what meaning we give to an event, and what paradigms we create as a result.  Since roughly 90% of our mental processing is made up of non-conscious processes, we are operating on an assumption that the meager percentage of information we are using to create reality is valid enough to make sense.  

There are three things in life that create happiness.  Something to Believe in, Something to Chase, and Something to Love.  If you can master all three, you will not only find your purpose, but also your tribe, and live passionately. 


Mental Health is our individual ability to navigate finding happiness based on how well we can:

  • control our emotions

  • regulate our behavior

  • communicate to others

  • meet our human psychological needs

In other words, we all have a backstory, a unique tool set of coping skills, and the ability to learn.

We all come into the world with A STORY.  It isn't OUR story, but it's the one we were handed through our development.  Most people assume this is the only story there is.  And if that story doesn't make you happy then you are just stuck.  


But that isn't the way it is at all.  We have millions of years of evolutionary history that have acted upon our DNA to make stories so important for the survival of humankind.  If the story you are telling yourself isn't working, I give you permission to change it.


I work with people to help them understand where they are in their adventure, so they can chase dreams, drop the past,  and live.  And also, I don't want to work with you for more than 4-6 sessions.  I'll give you the tools so you can go get your life back.  Deal?

As a professor and teacher for over 20 years, I have taught evolutionary psychology, physics, astronomy, chemistry, research, statistics, learning, critical thinking, human development, and education.

I combine the best of psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching, in a unique style that is unlike any other therapist.  My teaching background provides me with a unique perspective on the therapeutic process.  Instead of starting with problems, I first want to know how the client sees the world. 


I don't really care about the problems and the past.  I care about the future.  Too often therapists focus on the problems and are shocked when they get...well...more problems.  The goal for all of my clients is to help them discover a meaningful purpose and passionate relationships by changing the elements of the stories they tell. 

Dr. Jess W. Gibson, Ph.D., M.S., MFC

Board Certified Strategic Relationship Coach
Marriage and Family Coach
Master Practitioner NLP

Individual Sessions

Develop the tools to turn your emotional state into a powerful ally.  Healing and Forgiveness help.

Overcome depression and anxiety.

Learn how to communicate with anyone.

Overcome trauma and design your ideal life.

Turn your pain into your purpose.

Relationship Rescue

Marriage on the brink?  Need a recharge, or a lifevest?  Think you can't work it out?  Understand your partner at a whole new level.  Live free of suffering from past pains.  Heal and become closer than ever.  Much cheaper than divorce.

Mental Health Training

for Everyone

Workshops, speaking engagements, keynotes, for High Schools, Colleges, and Organizations.  Learn the key strategies for creating resilient mental health.  Learn the Manifestation Protocol and change your life forever.

Teletherapy, Live, Phone, Text

Convenient appointments through virtual, telephone, live, your home, and in nature.

There is no excuse to not get direction and help when you need it.  Your life quality matters to the planet.

“I wanted an objective auditor to my very mixed thoughts and feelings on some time-sensitive life choices I needed to make. He coached me in a way I hadn’t seen before and related to me as a trusted friend, not a patient. I will be working with Dr. Gibson again and again as I continue on my path. --J.R. 



How about we ditch the couches and stupid questions, and instead focus on the adventure you are going through.  


In my life, I have found one true sentence.  It is never false, and that's the only one so far.  Ready?  And it's only two words.

"That's interesting."

Is it time to make a change?  If not now, when?

"....a rare and empowering blend of profound intellect with the ability to convey messages in any setting related to learning. Jess walks the walk professionally and personally as one of the best fathers I have witnessed.  I give him my highest and unconditional recommendation and encourage you to bring him into your world." --Enrique Hank Feldman

Public Speaker, Brain/Mental Fitness, Sustainability, & Executive Coach, Innovation Consultant

If you want to change the relationships you have with your partner, your children, or your family, I have the strategies that you are going to need.

Life tends to get messy and as far as I know no one came with a manual on how to be a human. 
Let me teach you.  
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