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Dr. Jess' Parent Coaching for Challenging Kids!.png need help?

My name is Dr. Jess, and I want to help you and your family if your children exhibit any of those traits.

Parenting is the toughest job on the planet if you do it right.  It is nearly impossible to be all things for everyone all the time.  Children who exhibit negative behaviors can take a huge toll on the family unit, stress the marriage relationship, and ultimately wreck their own happiness.  

I started the PARENT COACHING FOR CHALLENGING CHILDREN Facebook Group to help with the coaching resources all families need.  These strategies and understanding go far beyond just problem children.  It is good for everyone in the family.  

If you are losing your mind and need help, sign up NOW for an invitation to the group and see what is possible!

"The Naughty List"

Emotional Immaturity
Lack of Empathy
Lack of Respect
Lack of Personal Responsibility
Failure to Follow Through
Lack of Initiative
Difficulty Forming Positive Relationships


Dr. Jess W. Gibson is an Evolutionary Psychologist, a Board Certified Strategic Marriage and Family Coach, with a Ph.D. in Psychology, a Master's in Educational and Developmental Psychology, advanced training in Neuroliquistic Programming, and extensive experience working with children and teens.

I am glad you are here.  It has probably taken you much longer to get to this point than you would have originally expected.  It doesn’t matter now, what matters is you took the time to think about this all way through.  I commend you. 

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Hi, I am Dr. Jess W. Gibson

What you are going through right now isn’t often talked about.  We are supposed to be some version of a super parent that all the other parents talk about. 


I am here to say, that isn’t how it is. 


When everyone goes home at the end of the night and the kids are finally asleep and you sit on the bed and talk to your partner, maybe you ask.  “Are we doing this right?  Nothing seems to work.”


Maybe you are ashamed that your kid isn’t reading ahead of the other kids, or even in their own grade level. 


Maybe you think, what’s wrong with me?  Stop it.  Your job and your only job as a parent is to coach your kids to be able to solve their own problems. 


Childhood is a test and a sloppy mess for them to feel it out in a safe place.  Think of it like that. 


Your job as the parent is to think about the future and what your kid is going to need to succeed.  Here is our problem.  When I grew up computers had only barely been invented. 


My mother remembers when her parents brought home the first TV on the block.  I learned to type on a typewriter in 7th grade.  My dad had one of the first cell phones ever made and it came with a brick backpack. 


I have a point here.  It’s that your child has no idea what kind of world they are going to have to navigate.  And it will change so fast that even if they develop a skill for a particular scenario, by the time they perfect it, it will be obsolete. 


We need to create the space and the skills for them to navigate an unknown world. So the question then becomes what skill sets do they need to master, how do I teach them, and why are they currently acting the way they are.


As a teacher and professor for more than 20 years, having taught, literally, every grade from kindergarten through graduate school, I can tell you that the skills that anyone needs to survive at any age are exactly the same. When we don't master them as children, we act like children as adults.


This course is the first in that not only will it stop the bad behavior, it will teach kids the skills they desperately need in life to thrive at the highest level. This course will restore the peace in the home and contribute to the overall family unity.


It might even fix the stress on a rocky marriage, when you actually discover why people, and children do what they do, and why, you can work to solve those problems in the most positive way.


This course should be required in every high school across the planet, but it isn't. Instead it is up to us as parents and partners to bring to our familles the knowledge of calm, peace, problem solving, and purpose. If we don't do this, we have no one else to blame.


I used to counsel parents and families individually. I got so booked that I literally had to charge over a thousand $ per session so I could only work with two families a day.


But it wasn't fair to all the other families that desperately needed the way out. I am always all in when I work with families because everything is on the line.


At the end of the day, I was toast. I was done. I call it toast:30. I can't solve 3 or 4, maybe 5 people's unique problems in a 45/55 minute session. No one can. So I don't do that. What I had to do was create this course.


Here is what I need. I need to know that it works the same way that I work with my clients one-on-one.


I need validation that this thing does exactly what I have spent 30 years of my life developing. I need to know that the lives of the families that I work with are changed.


That the kids that grow into our future grow into the leaders and the visionaries that we will need to solve the problems we can't even think up yet.


So here is my challenge and gift. I want to make you an impossible offer. Our children, and the future really do depend on it. If you are accepted as one of our earliest adopters, as one of the brave who want to make this course better, who want to make their kids better, and who have a very real desire to contribute to other's growth, if that is you, then I need your help as much as you need mine.


If one person went to therapy one time a week for 26 weeks that would be 15,600.


Average time to therapy growth and change? 26-months. multiply that times insurance not caring to pay for mental health, let alone parenting. Let's say it's 150 per session, cheap in my line. per week. Now add a whole family. Add two parents, 3 kids. In case you need the math its over 60,000$ to MAYBE, and I said MAYBE see some growth...But keep in mind that growth was spread like to much butter over bread over more than 2 years.


I want you to evaluate this program because I need your feedback and I am willing to trade the value that I know I have for your conviction because there are others out there that need this too.


So how much? This course will launch in 1-week. If you invest in this groundbreaking program, your kids are going to change. Your marriage will change. The way you see the world, everywhere will change.


What is the cost of you trying to figure this out on your own? What if I just gave it to you.


What if I said here is the plan for all ways your kids might be acting at any time, and I told you exactly what to say and what to do. And what if what I told you to do ended up growing them into the most amazing, respectful, loving, capable, ambitious, and caring people you had ever met.


What if I asked you to believe in me for 697$ dollars, and what if you wanted to spread it out over 2 months.


What if you evaluated and gave me the feed back I need to tweak this so it can become the most valuable training anyone would ever go through.


What if I only took 8-weeks. That's it.


What if you only had to do one thing per week.


What if you could have all of this for 100% for life if you referred me two other families. That's a lot of what ifs to ignore.


There are always 2 things that are going to happen. Here they are..."Maybe it will, Maybe it won't." 100% it will be one of those. What are you going to do?


In the very first session I will tell you why I am so passionate about this. I will tell you my whole story. You will walk away with a new tool belt, in the first week, that will literally change your life, your kids, and the way you love.


I am putting everything I am into this. I can only accept 20-30 serious parents. After the first week, I am going to charge what I know I am worth.


This course will easily sell for $3000-5000. I want the results to speak for themselves so when I do raise the price on week two, it's already THE game changer.


You will be the very first to have access to this. Because I need you, need to know this works, I am giving you a lifetime access to every training, product, book, or video I ever create.


You will be a part of the first group and only 20-30 will have this ultimate access. I want to hear what you experience so I am scheduling weekly feedback, live events, once a week for 60-days.


That means we are all going to jump on a live place where you can ask me anything, give me what is working what isn't.


Down the road, if you feel that you need to share what you learned here, I am going to offer you 80% referral fees. That means if i sell this course for 5000 you would earn 4000 of that 5. I think that is fair for the trust you are putting into this at the earliest stage.


What do you think?


We are the parents. Our kids look to us as coaches and teachers to know what to do next.


Our obligation is often if not always bigger than what we expected. Join this tribe that pushes people in the right direction. The only thing you have to lose is your child's future. (I know, harsh right...bad tactic).


The only thing you have to lose, is the opportunity to do something.


Here is a quiz that will give you immediate guidance on whether your should take action or not. I don't collect any of this information, you will just get an email response and explanation so you can make a decision about your next step.


I appreciate how hard you are working for what you believe in. If I can be

of any help, my door is open. Email me here (That is a personal email address, here is a number 562-231-7437. Text or call, and yes that is really me.)


Much love,



Dr. Jess w. Gibson, P.h.D., D.NLP, M.S., MFC.

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