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Start Fixing Your Marriage by Laughing!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Ever wonder why some people are so freaking happy in their relationship and others dread going home after work? The key is how much you make your significant other laugh. Life is already stressful enough when you pretend to be a serious adult. And yes, there are plenty of adult situations where we have to act responsible and can't go fly paper airplanes off balconies, but there is also something to be said for creating a laughing paradigm with your honey.

Be a Kid

What do kids do? What did YOU do when you were a kid? Me, I snuck out of the house and rode my bike at midnight only to get caught with pillows stuffed under my blanket. Treat your relationship like your best friend when you were a kid. We didn't worry about the mortgage or rent or car payments. I bet every single worry you have as an adult is all about adult shit. Like If you had all the money you needed what else could you worry about. But the key here is if you are worrying about it you can't get out of it. So what are we to do?

How about you pretend to live without worry. How the hell am I supposed to do that because if I don't worry about it who else will? Great question. Do you really need the answer. In reality 98% of the things we worry about never actually happen. All you are doing is lowering your frequency and actually attracting more bullshit into your life.

We all operate on paradigms, or belief systems that create the reality we experience on a daily basis. So how are those working for you? If you want to change anything, all you have to do is laugh first. Being ridiculous in relationships is what keeps it exciting, fun, sexy. Who wants a marriage or relationship with a couple of dead rocks sinking to the bottom of the ocean?

You can effectively laugh your way out of any situation. If you are depressed all you have to do is look up at the sky, your body will adjust the neurology to experience hope instead of despair. Do this for each other and you can be a bunch of giggly kids in love your whole life.

--Dr. Jess W. Gibson, PHD, MS, MFC

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