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How to Cure Almost Any Disease: Including Coronavirus

Somewhere we all got lost. The medical community decided illness is far more lucrative than health. So we have to take this part back. Remember that people have been evolving for four million years. In that time frame, they lived in environments where they already figured out how to heal almost anything. What I am telling you is that every medicine you will ever need is already based in a plant, it is generally free, and doctors don’t have a clue.

I’ll explain. We can agree that everything that affects your body has to go into your mouth, or your lungs. Yes? It is really a simple matter of chemistry. Respiration is the process of taking oxygen and nutrients and recombining them into the chemicals that are needed to run your life. So whatever you put in your body is the only thing your body has to use to run.

Every cell in your body dies and is replaced about every eighteen months. That means what you think is you, is literally a new you every year and a half. When cells divide, mitosis, they duplicate their DNA, which to them is like taking a short photograph of what the environment looks like. This is important to the next cells because it tells them what they have to work with and what to expect. People don’t think about cells this way. But it is 100% true.

I asked several of my MD colleagues to agree with me that everything that goes in your mouth contributes to your health or sickness. Of course, they had to agree. Then I asked them how many classes or hours they had in their med school on nutrition. You don’t want to know. None. Not a single hour on nutrition, or food. None.

All the medicine you will ever need to heal everything is already existing on the planet and it doesn’t reside in a pharmacy. In this chapter I want to cover the most essential medicines that I have found work far better than any pill you can by. And yes, they will cure illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria, and other vectors.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olives are always powerful. They give us oil and food, but what you may not know is that they are one of the most powerful antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory substance. You can literally destroy any bacteria, or virus with a tincture. OLE can be used internally and externally. Mix with water or any liquid, it serves as a barrier to health. Because OLE kills bacteria and disrupts viral proliferation it can cure almost anything. Topically, it kills fungus and warts, herpes, etc. Internally, it makes your blood inhospitable to pathogens.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Don’t even get me started on what the pharmaceutical companies have tried to do to cover up the healing powers of hydrogen peroxide. Yes, we know it works great on cuts, yes we know that it is a good gargle and whitens teeth. But there are two type of H2O2. There is food grade and then the regular stuff you buy for owies.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide kills everything. It comes in concentrate 12%, or 35% as compared to the 2% or 3% you get at the pharmacy. You cannot ingest non-food-grade peroxide. Don’t do it.

However, if you can find food grade h2o2, you can dilute it and it will not only clean out your blood, it is the purest antioxidant you can get. It has to be diluted in water or something, but taking up to 10-drops in water will not only destroy any sickness, it will hyper oxygenate your cells, which will boost energy and your immune system.

Hydrogen peroxide works because it wants to be water, h20. Somehow it has to lose that other oxygen. Oxygen is the most reactive element on the periodic table. When it sees a chance to interact with something it jumps from one compound to another. Hydrogen peroxide is not a stable compound. It comes in dark bottles because even the energy from light will kick off the extra oxygen atom and turn it back into water.

It is so powerful as a medicine that it binds to any virus, bacteria, fungus, or parasite in your body and literally destroys the chemistry of the intruder.


Lysine is the one amino acid that the body cannot make. It comes from food. Lysine is a viruses worst nightmare. Since a virus only has RNA, and has to invade other cells to duplicate itself, it is not technically alive. So you can’t kill it like a bacteria. What you can do is complicate the reproduction process that it uses to insert it’s own RNA into your cells DNA.

Imagine you went to make copies at Kinko’s. You made a copy of your copy and then kept doing that, again and again and again. So you are making copies of another copy of the copy. Each one is going to look a little different because you can’t make copies of copies forever and not get mistakes. If you did this long enough, the end result would be an unrecognizable thing.

The copy machine has been hijacked and is printing out ten million copies and you can’t print out your flier. It is printing out viruses, and it’s on autopilot. Lysine shorts out the copier. It literally prevents the duplication of viruses.

It is also harmless. Your body will release what you don’t need. I generally take 2000 milligrams in the morning and 2000 at night. It is almost impossible to get sick taking this much lysine.

Diatomaceous Earth

Again, there are two types of Diatomaceous Earth, if you eat one it will kill you, the other is totally harmless. Diatoms are tiny sea creatures that are made of calcium and when they die they disintegrate into layers that we call diatomaceous earth. Because I don’t want to keep writing diatomaceous earth I am going to call it DE.

Food grade DE is amazing. If you eat the kind that pool stores sell you will die. FOOD GRADE ONLY. If it doesn’t say food grade don’t do it. The other things on this list work on a chemical level with bacteria, viruses, etc, because they disrupt certain replication processes. DE works on a different level. It is mechanical.

DE is so sharp and small it can slice through the cell walls of things. When a cell wall is breached the parasite, insect, or bacteria dehydrates and dies. DE works amazing to kill all insects, it is harmless to humans, and non-toxic.

Diatomaceous earth is the only remedy on this list that works mechanically, everything else works chemically.

Sprinkle it on your carpet, no more spiders or fleas. Drink a spoonful a day and clear out all the parasites, worms, or fungus in your blood.

Magnesium and Zinc

Magnesium and zinc are two of the most important metals you can ever have in your blood stream. Magnesium is critical to proper brain functioning. It helps your neurons communicate electrical impulses between synapses and helps to wire the associations we have in our mind that are responsible for memories, learned skills, and the patterns that make us who we are.

Zinc is a known immune system booster. But, how does it work? Zinc stops the immune system from going “cray-cray.” This might seem counter intuitive. I want my immune system to be crazy because I don’t want to be sick. The immune system attacks foreign invaders which causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation is bad. It is responsible for almost all illness there are including cancer.

Zinc interrupts a protein that causes inflammation in the body so the white blood cells can destroy the invaders. In effect, taking zinc interrupts inflammation.

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)

In concentrated form this may be one of the most powerful antibiotics and antiviral medications in existence. Ten drops a day. GSE works because it alkalizes the blood. Bacteria, viruses, and cancer like a nice acidic environment to reproduce. Most American diets produce highly acidic blood levels which encourage sickness. An alkaline blood level of 8 will make it nearly impossible for those things to reproduce, thereby making their impact negligible for the immune system to handle.

There are more solutions but these are the ones that I have personally experienced and have worked for me.

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