• Dr. Jess W. Gibson

The Case Against Donald Trump and Covid-19

By Dr. Jess W. Gibson, PhD, MS, MFC

I would love to write about something else, but I can’t. Driving home from the grocery store today, I put all the pieces, well not all, but enough, of what is really going on here and why Mr. T (I can’t write anymore of his name again) is doing what he’s doing.

First, we know he is a pawn and a shell without the intelligence of a frog. But what he is good at (first compliment your enemies), is being used. DT is the best at being used by others and thinking it was his doing.

Here is the case I am making about Donald J. Trump and the covid-19 virus, and this is just the tip of the iceberg that I hope most people can google and check. This isn’t even the whole story! It is so much worse.

  • (2013-2015) Trump was hired by big pharmaceutical companies to kill the regulations and oversight bill that was sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk that would have forced them to take responsibility for the opioid epidemic. Mitch McConnell would do nothing of the sort because in 2006 his net worth was a couple million and after he squashed the bill it went to over 20 million.

  • (2014) Trump was hired by big tobacco to endorse the safety of vaping as an alternative. Juel then became the fastest growing flavored vaping companies. They promised they did not market to underage and younger children, but by 2019, the rate of both middle and high schools students who were vaping was up more than 30% since vaping began.

  • (2016) Trump elected on a campaign promise of “reducing immigration.”

  • (2018) Trump fired the entire U.S. Pandemic Response Team.

  • (2018) Trump told his lawmakers in the Oval Office “why were there so many people from shithole countries in the United States, rather from places like Norway.” Where everyone is white.

  • (2018) Trump was advised by both the WHO and his own cabinet that a viral pandemic (a word he cannot read or understand) was coming.

  • (2019) A new strain of virus, coronavirus, “aka” covid-19, shows up in China. The enemy country, who for the past three years the President has been trying to destroy their economy.

  • (2019) Trump watches the covid-19 spread through China and dubs it the “Chinese Virus” and offers no help. Instead downplays the seriousness and reasurres people, “everything is ok.”

  • (2019) Other governments, including our own intelligence agencies had warned the President in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, that a global pandemic was happening. Trump did nothing.


  • (2019) Cases spread around the globe, but Trump refuses to accept reality even though all the local governments in the U.S. make a case. He listens to no one because he’s a “very stable genius.”

  • (2020) WHO and U.S. The Department of Health warns about implications and describes covid-19 as a “respiratory disease with dire death consequences.”

  • Cases land in NY/WA/CA who respond with over caution and leadership, demanding that Trump declare and emergency state and send help.

  • Trump refuses and continues to downplay the situation. He tells the public and news outlets everything is fine that it is not as bad and will be better soon.

  • Governors from across the country especially New York and California demand help. Trump again refuses. These are his two biggest nemesis.

  • Doctors from all over explain that covid-19 affects the cilia in the lungs. Cilia’s purpose is to clean mucus from the lungs to prevent infections like pneumonia. The lungs are the only organ in direct contact with environmental contaminants, so it is the easiest for a disease to spread throughout a population and have the highest impact. Especially for those who have compromised lung tissue and preexisting conditions.

  • People with lung diseases, diabetes, and other respiratory or immune problems are at increased risk of death.

  • Trump reiterates that vaping doesn’t cause death even though rates of lung problems and death rise across the board for kids, teens, and adults.

  • Governors call for masks, respirators, and other protective equipment to keep health workers safe for the growing numbers of cases from spreading. Trump reassures the world they aren’t needed and that there are plenty, even though hospitals are reusing gear that should always be discarded.

  • Media is led to believe covid-19 affects only compromised immune/respiratory systems in elderly are to worry about.

  • Trump downplays as cases rise, says it will soon be over. Cases double in weeks.

  • Doctors go on FOX news to downplay pandemic, fail miserably with facts and reasons there aren’t enough PE and respirators for the richest country in the world.

  • Trump is blasted from every direction and still resists, literally CAUSING the spread to grow to insure a global spread.

  • Ironically, the supply chain for protective equipment is disrupted in China due to the coronavirus, where the U.S. actually did foresee, and Trump did nothing even after the recommendations from professionals and his own staff.

  • At the end, Trump finally steps up to “save the world,” and helps to push a 2 trillion dollar solution that serves the billionaire and owner class of America and is certain to bankrupt over ⅔ of the American middle class, and simultaneously increase foreclosures across the country.

  • Vape stats indicate that the increase of vaping in one year increased 80% creating a whole new vulnerable population.

  • The younger population start to turn up in numbers with serious covid-19 symptoms and deaths increase.

  • Experts now see a correlation between the admitted younger adults and the older and more compromised adults dying from covid-19. The link is the inability for cilia to clean out the mucus and so deaths from covid-19 come from lung failure.


Trump and the establishment never wanted to stop the spread of the disease or they could have done almost anything to contain it. They could have foreseen what was forthcoming with the advice of all the intelligence agencies, the WHO, the cabinets own experts and still they not only ignored the advice, they hampered every option to stop the problem.

But what if. . . it was never meant to be contained. Logical conclusions are made when pieces of evidence are connected to each other. That covid-19 was a device to kill off the poor, the sick, the old, and the different. It was never meant to be contained. It was meant to be used by the billionaire class to eliminate the burden on their business ventures, money, and taxes. It was meant to be a racist and classist tool. Trump has faithfully committed each of these horrific acts again and again and the truth is actually hiding in plain sight.

So what of the younger generation between say 16-25, that was lured into vaping? They are the largest generation that can threaten the institutions for two reasons: (1) they don’t give a fuck, and (2) they are more creative in their endeavors. Those two factors would upend the current world power structures.

And the rest of us, well, we were meant to work for the upper echelon, and stay in debt as a result of this forever.

The world is in rebellion. Choose a side.

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