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"Thought provoking and powerful!  Your ideas are beyond anything I thought I ever thought possible." - Kristi


"OMG. I was almost in tears.  This book is amazing.  I want to live it daily!" - Liz


"I finally got to the point where all the pain that had resided in me drifted away and it was as if I could see clearly for the first time in decades." - Julie


"As a shaman, I know this intuitively, but Dr. Jess has a way of putting things that makes it make sense to everyone." - Lyn


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if we can ever serve you in the future.  We offer cutting edge Strategic Therapy and Coaching that can change your life.


Look out for the upcoming Manifestation Protocol Training!!! 




"Dr. Jess is a gifted soul finder.  I have known him for over a decade, as a professional healer myself, I wholly recommend Dr. Jess as a game changer when it comes to belief systems, finding your true nature, and healing.  He has a way of shifting the way you see the world in days and weeks, not months and years. I recommend him to anyone who thinks they are at wits end." 


- Lyn Pacificar, Albularya


“Dr. Jess Gibson in Steamboat Springs, CO. I wanted an objective auditor to my very mixed thoughts and feelings on some time sensitive life choices I needed to make. He coached me in a way I hadn’t seen before and related to me as a trusted friend, not a patient. I will be working with Dr. Gibson again and again as I continue on my path.” 




“Dr. Gibson is a visionary therapist.  He has an innate ability to cut to the core of the issues, but never focus on the problem.  He focuses on where we go next. He takes the story and the adventure of your life and somehow turns it into this deep blessing and shows you the path.  It is an unreal experience. I am deeply grateful.”


-J. Borisy

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